Testimonials From Past Clients.

"After the session on Friday, I had a great weekend with my girlfriend that included multiple opportunities for meltdowns but I aced them all!!! Like I told you, I've been doing a *lot* of work with the Psych K, but after the session the trauma triggers seem to be reduced by about 99% and the internal dialog is *much* less defensive!!! I'll keep you posted on how it goes, but for now I wanted to let you know just what a huge success you have helped me achieve :-) Namaste and a big hug!
P.S. I also want to let you know that my lifelong sleep pattern has changed; I no longer find myself staying up until the wee hours of the morning until exhaustion overwhelmed the emotional intensity I had been carrying around with me."

"I am truly blessed to have you in my life... For supporting the innate power within me, in being, the aware, loving, soulful, and connected spirit I am.  You are wonderful with what you do...a true soul worker! :) An inspiration to me and so many others."
N.T. in Australia

"I recently passed a big test. Remember we had talked about how I would freeze when I was in communication with someone whom I felt was attacking me. Well, I had a meeting with the director of the Humane Society and he started by using words to put me on the defensive. But this time instead of freezing, I recognized what he was doing and was able to direct him to keep things on track. I diffused the situation and got his support on the conflict. This is a big thing for me because I have worked on this lesson for most of my adult life. I contribute this to the work we did together... People need to know how effective EFT is. Thank you again."

"Well, my life is forever changed... I cannot believe the difference in my life. You have forever changed it. You can put that on your website."

"I must say my general state of being since I saw you has been more peaceful, relaxed, and just how I would like to feel on a day to day basis. The calmness has allowed me to enjoy meditation and quiet time more which also lends itself to some self observations, especially the little 'blurps' and negatives. I have been trying to tap more regularly. I look forward to seeing you again and continuing our journey."

"The issues we cleared with EFT was phenomenal. My creativity and intuition have skyrocketed. Things are opening up in a good way. A sure sign that I have created a vacuum to replace the stuff I let go of. It and you are truly amazing. I still have not addressed the 4th grad incident, but I really appreciate the exercise you sent me."

"I am really energized and enthusiastic about what we have done and have seen major changes in my outlook and experiences with people and things that are all good and feels natural. I definitely want to continue with this journey..."

"I was just in a situation that would normally trigger me in a big way. And I saw myself starting to go onto that negative place and I just started breathing and said to myself, 'Try something new, try something new, and just see what happened...' So I did. And, I just see how the result is so different when I don't fall into my conditioned behavior, and the complaints and negativity. When it was over and I got through it, I started to be happy about it. And, then there’s this, "Don't be too happy. You never know when the opposite gonna to happen..." So, I went, 'No, I am going to stop and acknowledge that because this is huge, it is huge!' There has been so many times when I don't allow myself to go to the higher realm and so, I guess, I forget how really amazing it is when I think about how all the times I can't get myself to the higher realm, and I do fall into the lower vibrations. So, obviously it is huge. During that time, I was suffering so much and this is, so awesomely good. I love you very much. Thank you for everything."

"Our time together was some of the most healing work I've ever done and I carry what you taught me everyday. I am following my hearts desire pursuing my photography career and teaching a lot of dance classes. My neck grew stronger and strong after moving here and my dancing is stronger than ever! My boyfriend proposed to me last October and we will be married this June. I just wanted to share all the good news with you because I know you'd appreciate it. When I first came to you I felt so broken and scared. My life had truly hit rock bottom. The work we did together, the skills I learned and the way you helped me look at myself and life differently has helped me more than you can ever imagine. I wish you all the best and am eternally grateful to have met you. I hope we will see each other again soon! Someday I'd love to have another session, but for now I just wanted to say hello, thanks and I love you!"

"I have been meaning to share an amazing experience with you for weeks now. You have been helping me throughout the fall to release the resentment I felt towards my husband. Well, one moment about 3 weeks ago - I think this is what people call Grace - it went away. It just was all gone. I felt free and different. It never comes back. It's not like I forgot everything. It was that nothing had charge anymore!! I was only filled with love towards him. It still makes me want to weep because it was so beautiful"

"You were like a godsend (even though I don't believe in a particular god). I have a feeling that I will see you again in the future...I have plenty of things to work on =) I think most people would find it 'hokey' that I sought non-traditional therapy. Even I didn't believe my friend when she first said that 7 of your sessions was way more effective than thousands of dollars of talk therapy! And I must say I have to agree. I made leaps and bounds of improvement between the months of September and October, and I think I have you to thank!"

"What a wonderful session I had with you. You have such a comforting, calming, engaging presence, which made me feel so willing to open up and move forward in the healing process. I have to admit that when I got back home, I felt a little overwhelmed with the specifics of what to do when, so I just let things settle, and concentrated on connecting with my little child. I have just recently read your follow up email, which has some valuable suggestions that I will incorporate. Overall, I feel simply happier inside, and less anxious, more trusting of myself."
S.S., Southern California

"I do not even want to try to describe our session today in words, as no words can describe what occurred today. All I can say is that you are such a gift to this world....I feel so light, so alive and awake...it has been a long time since i felt like this...thank you, thank you, thank you!!! "

"I want to tell you how wonderful the session was with you. It was pretty phenomenal."

"I really enjoyed our session. I'm feeling a tremendous amount of peace. I'm still feeling some fear, but I think I know where that's coming from. I would love to make another appointment in a couple weeks, perhaps in person this time. Thank you again."

"I wanted to thank you for the healing that our last session brought me. It's difficult to describe the amazing feelings of comfort, peace and acceptance (of myself and others) that I am left with after each of our sessions. Sometimes I think "Wow! that was amazing. I'm so lucky that we were able to work that out", but I'm beginning to see that luck is not really involved. It's your commitment and amazing accuracy that works like magic to help me be person I aspire to be - to live the life I dream of living. It's amazing how you help me heal the hurt I've had from ancient models that don't work for me; emotional anchors that keep me from reaching my goals; fears that suffocate me. In part I feel so lucky to have found you, but part of me feels that luck has nothing to do with it! I have always been searching for you and it was only a matter of time before our paths were to meet. I'm just SO happy that the time has come for us to work together. :> You are a beautiful, amazing soul -- so caring, talented, so intuitive, kind and generous. You give so much of yourself and make such an impact in my life. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement - I love you and am forever grateful."
M.W., Australia

"Thanks again for talking last night. I can't believe that we had a total (!) of 7 sessions in my entire life and so much has changed because of it - inside and out. I feel like you see things I don't see in my own life, you get at things I am afraid to look at or am trying to deny - and thus I break through to new planes so much more quickly than with any other kind of self discovery I have tried before."
J.S., Germany

"Thank you again for being so thorough, prompt and loving, and for your beautiful presence. I am so gifted to have met you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I really enjoyed working with you earlier and I do feel some nice changes for me, food-wise, have occurred."
M.W., Los Angeles

"That was an extremely efficient time..you got right to the crux of the issue and were totally right on in your perception. It can't be that simple, can it? But I think you are saying, yes, it is that simple."

"Thank you for creating the 'SAFE' space for me to move energy. You are truly a precious woman, and I'm grateful to have been guided to you. I know our paths will meet again."

"I have had the pleasure of working along side Christine as well as receiving her gentle loving care. She is an angel! I trust her with my business and with my body. She has incredibly healing hands and a sharp intuitive mind. I appreciate her integrity and her love of people. I have referred many clients and friends to Christine with confidence and joy. I highly recommend Christine."

"I have worked with Christine both as a client and as a colleague, and have the highest of praise for her work. She is deeply loving and gracious, and has a deep intuitive understanding of energy and vibrational healing. Her session and class work have brought me great understanding about myself, my personal process and the connection I have to Spirit."

"Hi Christine, I want to extend my gratitude for your help. I felt the energy work and your input today (incl. your words) have helped me in intangible ways. I can 'sense' it. I have a long way to go to 'clear my space' and move forward in my spiritual journey. I have felt a spark of energy since our last session a week ago and that felt stronger today after I left. As I said, I have a ways to go before the lassitude of my ways is no more but I feel more focused about being able to do this and ultimately get on with my journey to be in unison with my higher self. Thank you."

"Thanks again for ALL your help. Your accuracy in tapping into my feelings is amazing - I don't know how you do it, but I love it!"
M.W., Australia

"You have no idea how much I appreciate all your help and guidance.  Not only are you helping me, but you will be helping so many other people who have been affected by psychiatric drugs...I am finding everyday gets a bit better!"
C.V., Chicago

"Once again our session together was profound....Also I sense we may be entering some new phase in my growth....for one thing I don't seem to be preoccupied with my perceived 'shortcomings'....I can feel a faith growing that this new direction we have sent my life on in these last few months is so right that whatever comes and what ever is... is not only alright but downright meaningful and I dare say spiritually nurturing... It is opening me up and in so many ways addressing all the issues I originally came to see you about... Maybe not in a specific way but in ways that may result in creating the enriched life I thought those issues were holding me back from attaining..."

"Thank you for the advise, thank you for the affirmations and thank you for your kind words. I couldn't have done this without your dedication, follow up and guidance! Thank you!"

"The EFT work you've been doing makes such a difference, I don't want to stop the process. I really feel like it helps put me on the fast track!"

"Dear Christine,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  I feel so blessed to have found you!  What a blessing you have been to me.  The expertise and love with which you deliver your healing and coaching is phenomenal.  I am amazed at how you can capture of the essence of my comments and quickly create an EFT phrase that I can immediately use. I also enjoy the work with the Angels and the loving way you tap into what I need to hear and experience for my healing and growth. I recommend your services to anyone out there who wants a fun, loving and safe way to experience freedom from pain, deservedness, worthiness and finding or validating purpose.
With love and blessings,
J. L."

"Great session yesterday. Full of energy...very positive...been writing all day. More info to come with my journal at the end of the week. Just wanted to let you know how thankfull I am."

"Thank you, again, so much for my session this past Monday. Of the 3 'treatment' sessions I had that day all around the 'breakup' issue, yours was the most powerful. I have been singing your praises more than usual."

"I had a psychology teacher once that told me that you can have your cake and eat it too in regards to happiness and fulfillment.  At the time I was completely perplexed by the idea of there being a solution to emotional pain and suffering. There must  be some price or loss involved with such a thing! This is simply not the case. You can be happy and keep your integrity intact. You don't necessarily have to live within artificial limitations simply because you always did. Christine showed me how to best identify these artificial limits and allow myself to move past them. She is a talented teacher, a true friend, a sister shaman, and an example of fearlessness that we can all learn from. Get to know her."

"I've really benfefitted from the few times I came to your sessions and the introduction to Reiki.  I wanted to thank you for this introduction."

"Thank you so much for our Reiki sesssion earlier this month. I continue to feel its benefits and in fact, I have been practicing and sharing Reiki with others since then, too."


"Thank you so much for your lovely healing and the wonderful spaces you help me create. Blessings to you."


"A session with Christine is like cleaning out an old closet. She guides you to look in the corners and discard what isn't working for you and then provides you with a new perspective on what is working. She challenges your beliefs and empowers you to let go of the old stuff while making room for new, better fitting beliefs to enter your world. She is an exceptionally intuitive, insightful, compassionate and non judgmental soul who supports your journey of self discovery. Her techniques and experience enable you to look deep within yourself to heal old wounds, create new truths and generate positive energy. I have found my sessions with Christine to be extremely insight and beneficial for my own personal growth."


"I want to thank you so much for yesterday. I slept about 15 hours. I felt so much rejuvenated this morning. You are the best!"


"I am in my fifties, and had a childhood event still troubling me on a deep level, despite counseling and various other healing work. After working with Christine just a short time, I was finally able to let it go, even feel compassion for my parents, and be able to see the humor of the situation."


"A big thank you for the support, compassion and encouragement in exploring difficult issues - both personally and in the Trancebreakers group. I appreciate your wonderful sense of humor and sensitivity and feel encouraged in addressing my challenges."


Testimonials from Past Students.

In October 2007, I had the delightful opportunity to teach EFT to a group of 6th graders (11-13 year olds), and here are some of their comments:
    "The EFT lesson helped me a lot. It helped me calm down and it washed away my fears. Thanks!" ~ I.B.
    "Thank you for coming to our class and teaching us EFT. I learned a lot about how to calm down. The tapping thing really works. Like, once I was looking at my driveway and it looked ugly. I did the tapping and it didn't look as ugly." ~ S.T.
    "Now I feel good about doing homework." ~ S.J.
    "Thank you Christine for showing us EFT. We had a test in the afternoon and EFT really helped me." ~ C.R.

"Christine is so filled with light and love in all her interactions. She is very authentically generous, intuitive, and compassionate. In taking her Reiki worshop, I felt safe, seen, and appreciated. She was able to break down the learning in dynamic ways that were easy to understand, and easily kept my interest. I feel blessed to have met her and think of her as an angel on earth.”


"Loved the experience and found Christine to be exceptionally intuitive and a very good teacher."


“Thanks Christine for creating an environment that is conducive to so much depth and nurturing. I would love to participate in the workshops further. Thanks so much for giving so much of your self and emanating a faithful openness to the flow of the workshops...for providing gentle guidance and unconditional love.”


"Experienced a whole new awareness of energy and love."


“Thank you so much for offering your time and creating the space for us. You are the most wonderful and powerful healer and teacher. Christine, the workshop exceeded my expectations. I really had a breakthrough with time and not feeling like I don't have enough time to do exactly what I want.”


"I gained an incredible shift of outlook on myself and problems I am facing. Judgment subsided."


"The atmosphere of the Metta Center is serene and welcoming, directly reflecting Christine’s presence.  I felt the workshop was very well organized and presented the material in a clear and concise way.  I am so glad I chose to learn Reiki from Christine, it is a joy to learn from her."