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These EFT oriented audio recordings are provided as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. They represent my ideas and do not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT.

EFT case histories, online tutorials and online video library are available at Gary Craig's Gold Standard EFT website.

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I, Christine Metawati, am neither a physician nor a licensed therapist. Neither I nor Gary Craig, the founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), can accept responsibility for your use of EFT upon yourself or others. Do not stop taking prescribed medication without consulting your physician. This EFT Audio may not be suitable for everyone. EFT is powerful and will make changes to your body and your thoughts, therefore if you have any doubts, and particularly if you have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, I strongly recommend that you consult a health care professional before attempting to apply EFT to yourself. EFT is an experimental therapy, and is not meant to replace standard medical and/or mental health counseling. While there have been no documented negative side effects from using EFT when the proper treatment protocols have been followed, this does NOT mean that you will not experience any side effects. By downloading the audio file(s), and by using EFT on yourself or others, you agree to take full responsibility for your own well being and will advise your clients or other EFT subjects to do the same. You agree to NEVER hold Christine Metawati, the creator of the EFT Audio file(s) below, or Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, or anyone else associated with EFT, liable for any side effects or results from your using EFT.


Free EFT Audio Downloads

Many people have benefitted from using EFT to bring more empowerment, healing and balance to various aspects of their lives. You can find a brief introduction to this powerful self-healing technique in my  "EFT Tapping Points" webpage.

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Here is some feedback from listeners to these EFT audio recordings:

"Since I received your newsletter the past week, I have been listening to your EFT Audio and tapping along with it almost everyday--And it is FANTASTIC.  The best way to describe it is fall cleaning of my soul. I feel so refreshed and calm afterwards, and they are made in handy bite size pieces and topics so that timing wise, there is always time for the 8 min or 10 min. I have even tapped on ones that I thought I had no issues with, and immediately start to yawn (which I finally realized was my clearing--I yawned so much in your Transbreakers that I fell asleep). I would yawn continuously during the whole EFT tape and come out very light and happy. I do it before I go to sleep now, and it is a double scoop since all that yawny clearing allows me to have a great sleep." ~ N.M.

"Hi Christine, I don't think I've ever written to anyone like this before. I'm just so grateful for this free help. You have no idea how much I needed to find someone like you, who's willing go give something that is so essential to my life right now. God Bless You." ~ K.

"I so appreciate your amazingly effective EFT free downloads, they have helped me during many tough times and I pray for your continued inspiration." ~ R.H.

"The only thing I can suggest is more of those MP3 audios. They are very comfortable to do. I (and many others) load it on the mp3 and listen to it at bedtime before I fall asleep, just sitting on the couch or whatever...I will stay with you because I like your mp3's. I like how you tap on the problems and how deep you get to uncover and heal the bottom of it." ~ M.D.

"I also wanted to let you know I was blessed to do some work with your EFT page on your website today. I awoke with an enormous dream. It was about Vision. I first saw an image of Eagle who has incredibly keen eyesight and can see the Big picture but from a distance, not in intimate relationship. I then saw Peacock who has an eye on every feather and for me holds Vision in the sense that she can look in many different directions at once. She can see both what is working and what is not working. She can hold the bigger version of the Truth in this way and stay in deep allegiance with being positive and being life affirming, but also see where evolution is wanting to happen. Then I remembered a piece of work my friend did with his dream. His conclusion was: you need two people to have Depth perspective...two different perceptions. Beautiful!! But then I became very exhausted and paralyzed. It felt really bad. I remembered I could do some EFT and your page (and your introduction of that to me!) helped me move through some layers and feel much better. Thank you!!!" ~ E.D.


To share your success story from using these EFT audio downloads, give feedback or suggest other topics for the EFT audios, please send me an email at christine@mettacenter.com. Thank you!